Alex Wilkinson
Software (programming), Media and Marketing Specialist
Calgary, AB T2C3N4 – 5877072911
** My portfolio can be viewed at **

Personable, motivated, efficient and versatile media professional with an extremely broad skill set. A fast
learner with natural leadership qualities. Completes tasks correctly, within budget and on time.


Blink Lending – Calgary, AB

August 2016 to Present
I create and manage products for Blink Lending, as well as filling in for roles in marketing, creative,
analytics, and more.

Wilkinson Audio – Calgary, AB
2012 to Present

Founded and operates a successful audio recording studio. In early 2014 the business expanded to
include sale of self-manufactured products, such as high end loudspeakers.
•Created high profile audio software utilized by thousands of customers, including world renowned
audio engineers.
•Actively built a reputable and vibrant recording business with a positive image in the Calgary arts
•Established a customer base exceeding thousands of customers and quickly growing.
•Over tens of thousands of online sales and counting.
•Developed strong and respectful customer relationships.
•Negotiated contracts with clients/companies.
•Gained experience in on-line branding and marketing.
•Created all photo and video marketing/branding materials.
•Created on-line training modules for subcontracted employees.
•Created and developed innovative software and hardware products for online retail.
•Hand built many microphones and guitar amps utilized in the studio.
•Manufactured and sold audio hardware, such as studio monitors.
•Built, programmed and utilized CNC and 3D printing machines for manufacturing purposes.
•See website at
•See YouTube videos at

Senior Audio Visual Technician
University of Calgary – Foothills Campus – Calgary, AB
January 2014 to August 2016

Employed at the U of C Foothills campus in the Audio/Visual department.
* Seconded to create a photogrammetry workflow for cataloging anatomy specimens as 3D models to
be utilized by the faculty for student education
* Creating videos of medical procedures for students.
* Facilitating and directing film projects for clients unfamiliar with the process of media creation.
* Taking photos and videos of events in the school for media purposes.
* Troubleshooting problems with Audio/Visual equipment.
* Recording/podcasting of classes for students to review.
* Responsible for management and upkeep of all websites under the Instructional Resources

Senior Graphic & Web Designer
Accountable Communications Inc. – Calgary, AB
May 2014 to July 2014

•Hired on a temporary basis by company to avert a crisis. Long time employee left without notice.
Used research and problem solving skills to restore company to profitability and continue operation,
negating a major profit loss and damage to company’s reputation.
•Managed hundreds of large corporate websites.
•Migrated and configured large websites on various hosting platforms.
•Created back ups of all websites in case of emergency.
•Organized over three years of undocumented files.
•Found ways to automate tasks to increase efficiency.
•Cataloged important business procedures via video tutorials to quickly bring successor of position up
to speed.
•Added and prioritized tasks in CRM software.
•Performed work individually or with colleagues, in both supervised and unsupervised roles.
•Performed print advertising tasks as necessary.
•Utilized various database technologies and web languages such as MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX,
and Javascript.

Video Team Lead
Black and McDonald Engineering
2010 to 2011

Paid internship position with a focus on the creation of company training videos.
•Executed the creation of nation wide training videos for a variety of common maintenance tasks.
•Collaborated with multiple employees in different fields to plan and execute shots.
•Developed and executed numerous highly successful print-ad campaigns.
Video Editor
Light & Logic – Calgary, AB
2010 to 2011
Edited professional wedding and corporate videos.
•Organized, synchronized and edited more than 20 hours of multi-camera video/
audio media per project.
•Consistently met assigned deadlines while working independently.
•See examples of the finished products at

Camera Product Expert
FutureShop – Lethbridge, AB
2008 to 2009

•Learned valuable skills about customer interaction and sales
•#1 (Canada wide) sales person in Cameras for a length of time
•Expanded knowledge of consumer camera systems
Camera Operator
Apex Audio Visual – Calgary, AB
2007 to 2008
•Set up, utilized and repaired various audio-visual equipment.
•Set up various networks for teleconferencing equipment.
•Set up teleconferencing equipment.
•Performed professional cameraperson duties as required (filming performers and speakers at large
gatherings and routing them to large TV screens or projectors)
•Set up audio equipment for public announcement or live concert purposes


B.A. in New Media
University of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, AB

Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel, etc), Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After
Effects, InDesign, etc), 3D CAD/Modelling (3DS Max, Blender, Solidworks, OpenSCAD), Programming
(HTML, Javascript, CSS, C++, Python, Swift), Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla,
Drupal, Etc), Mac, PC, Unix/Linux, Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Electronics Design, Professional
Audio and Music Production, Professional Photography and Film Production, Physical Automation/
CNC Machinery/3D Printing, 100+ WPM typing speed, Business Management, E-mail Marketing List
Management, Final Cut Pro, Graphic Design, High level Mathematics, Python, MySQL, Javascript, Swift,
C++, Apache, Git, Rest API


Metal Album Recording of the Year – 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards
September 2014
Metal Song Recording of the Year – 2014 Edmonton Music Awards
December 2014
Jason Lang Scholarship for Academic Excellence
April 2009

Mortgage Professional Certification
March 2015 to Present
Awarded by RECA/AMBA
HootSuite Certified Professional
March 2015 to Present
For completing Hootsuite University courses for social media marketing.
Google AdWords Certificate
May 2017 to Present
Received Google AdWords Certificate as a Google Partner.
Google Analytics Certificate
May 2017 to Present
Received Google Analytics Certificate as a Google Partner.

YouTube Channel
January 2011
Lots of tutorials on audio production, 3D printers, etc.